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An Invitation to A Life With An Enriched Spiritual Dimension

Accessible To All Who Seek A Harmonious Balance Between Their Inner And Outer Worlds

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The Wellspring

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🧘‍♀️ LIVE Immersive Meditations

💥 LIVE Creative Synergy Circles

📲 LIVE Interactive Community Events

🌟 LIVE Thematic Meditations

🎨 LIVE Creative Art Workshops

💓 LIVE HeartMath "Inner Balance" Coherence

📖 LIVE 22-Minute Collective "Sits"

🖌️ LIVE Meditative Journaling Experiences

📲 "Theme of the Week" Curated Content

🧠 Rewiring Habits & Overcoming Obstacles

🚀 And much, much more!

Where Do You Go To Replenish Your Soul?

Welcome to The Wellspring, a sanctuary for the practical seeker.

An online community designed to nurture your spiritual life, free from dogma or judgment.

A fun, soul replenishing space... for the rest of us.

The Wellspring is the haven for the over-thinkers, over-doers & over-givers, who are OVER-it.

For those seeking to go beyond surface-level conversations to discover deeper meaning in all aspects of life.

Whether you belong to a religion, recovery group, movement, or stand independently...

... The Wellspring embraces you.

This is a place to connect & be guided to the peace & clarity that can only be found within.

Grow alongside a like-hearted community of everyday people within a comforting container to be seen, known and valued.

Join us at The Wellspring, where spirituality meets practicality, empowering you to live a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Don't miss our limited-time introductory offer – click below and embark on a transformative journey towards connection and fulfillment.

"Science proves beyond question that in the Wellspring of every man's mind are unplumbed depths; undiscovered deposits of energy, wisdom & ability. Sound these depths. Bring these treasures to the surface and you gain an astounding wealth of new Power."

- Robert Collier,
The Secret of The Ages

What if you could think clearly & make decisions with confidence?

Self-help books, seminars, courses, podcasts, retreats…Temporary highs followed by inevitable lows.

Chronic dissatisfaction, a nagging sense of unfulfillment, even loneliness, these are all symptoms of an inner hunger that can only be solved by inner connection.

Immersive Meditation is designed to connect you to that inner wellspring of truth.

As an outcome-oriented form of guided meditation, Immersive Meditation sparks insights & catalyzes creative thinking...

... developing a relationship with your intuition & inner voice.

This isn’t about attaining enlightenment or “clearing your mind”... 

This is about you being able to “think clearly”.

So, you can make decisions and take inspired action in alignment with your heart’s desires.

Discover a place to belong & engage in fun, meaningful experiences with those who share your passion for self-discovery & growth...

We would love to have you join us.

The Wellspring

Monthly Curriculum

The Wellspring is a community for practical seekers looking to explore their spirituality and reconnect to the part of themselves that’s been lost in the shuffle of life. 

It’s a sanctuary for those who over-think, over-give, over-do, who are OVER IT.

Created by Heather Hayward and her son, Hunter Varnum, it offers a blend of Immersive Experiences designed to foster connection to one’s inner wisdom & one another.

All walks of life are welcome, especially those who desire a playful & interactive approach to personal growth.

Here, you can creatively discover & express your individuality with complete freedom.

The Wellspring is an invitation to a life with an enriched spiritual dimension, accessible to all who seek a harmonious balance between their inner and outer worlds.

Here's What You'll Experience Each Month:


1) LIVE Immersive Meditation Experiences:

Bi-Monthly Discovery Meditations w/ Heather Hayward on Saturday Mornings

Heather's Discovery Meditations are crafted to enhance clarity, source answers from your subconscious & explore your inner world

✅ Tap into your internal guidance system to source answers from within, fostering self-reliance and intuitive decision-making.

✅ Experience the alchemical power of connecting with your “Still Small Voice” to uncover personal truths and gain inner strength.

✅ Forge a new identity and courageously act on new insights, preparing you to achieve the aspirations of your future self.

These sessions are not about reaching enlightenment or “clearing your mind”...

This is about you being able to “think clearly”, so you can make decisions and take inspired action in alignment with your highest potential.

2) LIVE  “Tea Time” Social Events:

Connect, Share & Meet Like-Hearted People on a Similar Journey as Your Own

Engage in enriching dialogues & forge meaningful relationships in a space of mutual understanding & sharing

✅ Build a network of peers committed to personal growth, offering encouragement and inspiration.

✅ Discover new perspectives and gain clarity on your journey as you listen to and learn from the stories of others.

✅ Participate in a supportive environment where sharing experiences and insights is encouraged and celebrated.

Leave each community event feeling uplifted, with a sense of belonging and deeper connection!

3) LIVE 22 Minute Collective Sit:

A Silent Space to Meditate, Contemplate and Integrate w/ Rodney Smith

Develop a regular practice of meditation to cultivate inner peace & mental clarity

✅ Sit in silent meditation, contemplation or prayer with the presence & support of your fellow members.

✅ Experience the benefits of regular immersion in the collective consciousness of like-hearted people.

✅ Develop consistency in your own practice & become more connected to the gift in each moment.

Leave each community event feeling uplifted, with a sense of belonging and deeper connection!

4) LIVE Meditative Journaling Sessions:

Create a Morning Journaling Practice with Heather Hayward as Your Guide

Establish a consistent bi-weekly morning routine that sets a positive tone for the day & nurtures self-reflection

✅ Unlock the power of written expression to clarify thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

✅ Benefit from Momentary Meditations to enhance the depth and effectiveness of your journaling experience.

✅ Foster personal growth and emotional resilience by documenting and observing your evolving inner landscape.

Treat these sessions like your personal sanctuary to cultivate insight through the discipline of meditative journaling with Heather & special guests.

5) LIVE Creative Synergy Circles:

Leverage the 3 “V’s” to Verbalize, Vitalize, Visualize Your Aspirations Into Reality

Experience the magnified impact of aligning your words, feelings & imagination to create emotional resonance with a future of your soul’s design.

✅ Engage in the dynamic process of visualizing your goals, articulating them clearly, and energizing your aspirations to bring them into reality.

✅ Participate in a supportive environment that not only embraces your vision but also contributes to its manifestation through communal energy.

✅ Harness The Group's Collective Energy and HeartMath Coherence to Amplify Your Intentions And Step Into the Feeling of Your “Wish Fulfilled”

As a Certified HeartMath leader and trainer, Heather brings you through a proven process to create heart-brain coherence to elevate your individual vibration while harnessing the collective energy of the group to bring you into the feeling of your heart’s desire.

6) “Theme of the Week”:

Carefully Crafted Content on Personal Growth & Spirituality with Writing Prompts Designed for Self-Reflection

Explore your inner world through weekly insights & introspective exercises that challenge you to grow

✅ Dive deeper into your thought-life with introspective journaling, meditation prompts and sharing opportunities based on writings from the world’s most influential minds

✅ Share your insights with a community of like-minded individuals, finding support and learning from shared journeys of self-discovery.

✅ Transmute your insights into practical actions, integrating our weekly themes into your daily life to unlock your full potential.

Explore your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with carefully crafted writings & prompts that encourage you to pause and reflect. Our Weekly Themes are designed to help you connect with your inner wisdom and unlock a new paradigm for living in our modern world.

7) Private Community Platform:

Foster Life-Long Connections & Build True Friendships

Join A Fun, Engaged Community To Come Together, Laugh, And Grow Alongside Like-Hearted Individuals On A Shared Journey

✅ Become part of a unique, private community exclusively for members seeking to forge deep, meaningful relationships away from the noise of mainstream social media.

✅ Create & nurture life-long connections.

✅ Benefit from a secure space that prioritizes privacy and respects the sanctity of your personal journey and connections.

Become part of a dedicated network that values long-term relationships, where every member contributes to the collective wisdom and evolution.

Plus, these special BONUSES for

Founding 333 Members


8) BONUS #1: Year of Meditations:

Weekly Immersive Meditations Delivered to Your Inbox to Develop & Elevate Your Practice Everyday

Receive a curated series of 52 Immersive Meditations, led by Heather Hayward, one for each week of the year, to guide and enhance your meditative practice

✅ Build a strong foundation with a variety of Immersive Meditations designed to suit your evolving needs and interests throughout the year.

✅ Conveniently access your weekly meditation directly from our platform or mobile device, allowing for easy integration into your personal schedule and lifestyle.

✅ Progress through a thoughtfully structured journey that gradually deepens your practice, promoting sustained growth and self-awareness.

Experience a diverse range of immersive meditation themes and techniques, ensuring a comprehensive approach to developing inner peace, focus, clarity and resilience.

9) BONUS #2: Crafting Your Vision:

1-Day Workshop to Get Clarity On Your Path For The Next 90 Days And Achieve Your Most Valued Goals

Focus your intentions and sharpen your vision for the next quarter, setting a clear trajectory for success in alignment with your deepest values

✅ Convert your dreams into actionable goals, ensuring that your vision for the future is both ambitious and attainable.

✅ Gain access to strategic coaching videos w/ Heather that help you identify obstacles and opportunities, allowing for a proactive approach to goal achievement.

✅ Connect to your inner compass to uncover your truest aspirations from the depths of your subconscious mind.

Leave the workshop with a personalized 90-day action plan that aligns with your most valued goals, ready to be implemented for transformative results.

Get Early Access

Scheduled for Release April, 2024

10) *NEW* BONUS #3: Thought Life Mastery:

How to Rewire Habitual Thought Patterns, Alleviate Worry & Unlock Inner Peace

Experience Heather Hayward's proprietary M.S.L. Method™️ for mastering your patterns of thought, feeling & behavior.

✅ Learn the art of identifying and transforming your inner critic into a supportive ally, enhancing your self-esteem and confidence.

✅ Align your emotions and feelings with your aspirations, creating a harmonious path towards achieving your dreams with less resistance and more joy.

✅ Embark on a contemplative journey to shift your identity, allowing you to become the person who can face uncertainty with calm confidence.


***Pattern Reprogramming Audios:*** Access a curated collection of interactive audios and hypnotherapeutic (trance) meditations for night-time listening designed to deeply reprogram your subconscious patterns.

***3 “V’s” Process Audios:*** Dive into the powerful process of Verbalize, Vitalize, Visualize to enhance your emotional resonance with your strongest self.

What You'll Get Each Month:



The Wellspring

An Invitation to A Life With An Enriched Spiritual Dimension

  1. LIVE Bi-Monthly Immersive Meditation Experiences with Heather on Saturday Mornings

  2. LIVE “Tea Time” Social Events to Connect & Share w/ Like-Hearted People

  3. LIVE 22 Minute Collective Sit to Meditate, Contemplate and Integrate w/ Rodney Smith

  4. LIVE Meditative Journaling Sessions for deep reflection with Heather Hayward as Your Guide

  1. LIVE Creative Synergy Circles to Verbalize, Vitalize, Visualize Your Aspirations Into Reality

  2. “Theme of the Week” to Explore Your Inner World Through Curated Content & Introspective Prompts

  3. Private Community Forum for Fostering Life-long Connections

Plus these special BONUSES,
(Founding Members ONLY):

  1. BONUS #1: Year of Meditations: Weekly Immersive Meditations Delivered to Your Inbox to Develop & Elevate Your Practice Everyday

  2. BONUS #2: Crafting Your Vision: 1-Day Workshop to Get Clarity On Your Path For The Next 90 Days

Total Monthly Value:


Regular Monthly Price:


Founding 333 Member's

Special Monthly Price Just...


***For Only The First 333 Members***


"Active imagination is to be understood as a way or method, to heal, raise and transform the personality."

- Carl Jung,
ETH Lecture

Meet Heather Hayward

Results Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Immersive Experience Leader

Heather Hayward is a highly sought after Results Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Immersive Experience Leader with over 20 years & +40,000 hours of in-session experience guiding her clients to clarity.

In 2017, Heather went into business with her son, Hunter Varnum, and together they created The Guided Meditation Framework® to empower other coaches, therapists, practitioners & aspiring entrepreneurial empaths with the proprietary tools & techniques that served as the foundation of her success.

Drawing on her pragmatic and battle tested approach, The Guided Meditation Framework® is a no-nonsense online training & group coaching program designed to help professionals make a difference in the lives of others.

Here's What Others Are Saying:

“It's as simple as this: Heather breaks up what's stuck, so that you can immediately see the horizon and move forward. The light turns on, your heart opens, and your brain starts to make connections it had never made before. I am a better leader and communicator - with a deep sense of happiness - as a result of my work with her.”


“Heather helped me understand that I could assert control over my thoughts, and how those thoughts affect me. I now have the tools to present myself with greater confidence & dynamism.”


“I’ve worked with Heather Hayward since 2005, in so many different capacities. Personally, she has helped me focus at a completely different level. She gave me the tools to not have to react & my life became much calmer & more purposeful. Her work is really transformational, on many, many levels.”


“I first met Heather December of 2017 ... For the past several months, I’ve had the great fortune of attending her meditations twice a week. During these sessions, I often find myself in deep contemplation … that can yield significant insight and clarity … It has become apparent to me that her unique guided meditations transcend all possible categorization, skill levels and spiritual familiarity boundaries. There are no age range, gender, color, political affiliation or meditation experience norms … Heather speaks in a language that is crystal clear and highly resonant regardless of where you started your journey ... A one-hour meditation led by Heather Hayward is quite literally one of the most meaningful ways to spend an hour that I’ve experienced in almost 47 years of life...”



“Heather Hayward is a gifted and insightful healer. She is caring, compassionate and loving, yet firm and professional in her approach toward emotional or situational problems. Her guided meditation technique is gentle yet profound in its results. I always looked forward to seeing her and felt very helped after every session. She is like a calming oasis in the storm.”


“After a year of working with Heather Hayward, I now have a foolproof strategy for every occasion: do whatever Heather says. She has taught me how to process every situation and emotion known to man, and a few that aren’t, in a manner counter to the one I was using before: cope, blow up, break down, rinse, repeat. The main thing I have to contend with now is how to live without constant stress and anxiety. No surprise, she has a strategy for that, too.”


“Heather truly walks on water! In my experience (both personally and professionally), Heather has the rare gift to help someone achieve his or her own ‘walk on water.’ Her thoughtful, humorous (sometimes side-splitting), and motivating approach has helped me to bring to life a very different side of myself. Having worked for many years as a psychotherapist and having been trained psychoanalytically, I particularly appreciate Heather’s capacity to blend the cognitive and the unconscious processes. To be able to understand the underlying internal forces that do not fuel growth can make the difference between superficial change and sustained success. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Heather! She is such a gift! I owe her so much more than I can express in words. THANK YOU, HEATHER!”


“When I first went to Heather for coaching, I was lost and couldn’t find passion or focus in my life. I knew that I wanted to be my own boss and that I was tired of helping other people build their businesses instead of building my own. Heather helped me to hone in on my passions, figure out the things I love and gave me direction as to how to begin my own business doing those things. Her guidance and expertise have helped me to create a successful and thriving Healthy Foods personal chef business in just a year’s time. I continue to work with Heather as my business grows. She keeps me on track with my goals and constantly gives me new and fresh ideas for marketing my business to help keep it successful and profitable. Heather is a Godsend!!!”


"If it’s ageless, graceful ‘NO SECRETS’ catalyst coaching you’re looking for, Heather Hayward’s ‘breath of fresh air by the beach’ operation is your stop. OK. Word’s to describe Heather’s process: on – it, professional, direct, engaged, introspective, inter – active, and a bust out. In a few month’s weekly hour long sessions, we’re identifying and confronting core concerns that are catapulting my life towards brilliant SUCCESS, both personally and professionally. Heather guides the whole person with her authentic and articulate repartee. I just can’t BELIEVE the speed and the progress. I’m richer in so many ways. I’d recommend Heather Hayward to any good friend who sincerely wants to change for the better, to bloom and to flourish.”


“Heather has the uncanny and brilliant ability to take a confusing and foggy problem and state it back to the client in succinct terms where transformation occurs almost instantly. She does truly effective coaching and anyone would be lucky to have her as their coach!”


“When I met Heather I had huge career ambitions but was overwhelmed when it came to getting started. After our first session, I had a clear plan and very specific goals. With sensitivity and humor, she also gave me a much needed attitude adjustment! Working with Heather, I have become bolder and more positive.”


“Heather Hayward is a force of nature. She’s a great listener and a great motivator, but what’s most amazing is her eagerness to share everything she knows with you in order to bring about change in your life. Lucky for us, she has one of the best playbooks of anyone I know. She speaks from a place of great understanding and intuition. She believes in change because she’s lived it and seen it. If you’re ready to change, Heather will help you get there. Working with her is profoundly changing my thinking and self-perception, and I’m excited to see what other changes grow from our work together. If you get the chance to work with her, take it.”


“Heather has changed my life. Now, I know that sounds trite, but if you are open and ready for change, she is the tool to get you there. If you need a push and some insight into that inner voice, Heather is the woman to get you to think about what you REALLY want. Her energy and honesty are immeasurable. We had so many laughs and so many breakthroughs, I felt rejuvenated after every conversation. I achieved my dream because Heather helped me to recognize the steps I needed to take. She guided and showed me I needed to pay off my credit card debt FIRST. She helped me to maintain my enthusiasm for my goal through the rough spots. I learned I needed to be centered and nurture all aspects of my life to maintain balance even while going after my dream. I will be indebted to her forever for helping me along my path and I will always have our sessions to look back to when I need a little push. Thank you Heather!”


“I had basically always approached most life situations (big and 
little) with fear and worry. Last year, when I went through cancer treatment and dependency on pain medication, I was desperate for a way to get through it all without that debilitating fear and terror. Heather’s coaching and support gave me specific techniques to use to conquer the horrific fear of cancer, diagnostic tests, and recovery from addiction. I’ve also been successful in using Heather’s techniques to conquer other fears in my life, such as freeway driving, studying art, and starting a new business. Thanks to Heather’s insight, knowledge, and skill in coaching, my life is now unfolding in so many exciting, and fearless, ways!”


“I used to be a waiter/bartender for 17 years of my life… I then began a new career for myself and was faced with some challenges. I had the good fortune of working with Heather as my coach thru a career transition… and the process, as well as the results were, and are, incredible. In order to break-thru some personal barriers of mine, I brought to our sessions the most intimate details of myself, and found that Heather listened to me without a personal agenda. Not once, did I ever feel judged. Her coaching was honest, firm, and delivered with deep insight, understanding and best of all… humor. I can’t believe it, but Heather actually helped me find humor in the issues I once thought scary and embarrassing. The environment she has created is safe and supportive. As for results, since working with Heather my income has increased by over $20,000 a month, and I am living the life I used to imagine. I HIGHLY recommend working with Heather to support you in breaking thru any barrier you may have, and living the life you really want. Simply put, Heather is AMAZING!”


“I’ve had a dream my whole life. With Heather’s expertise, that dream is now a reality. She’s been the missing piece to my life puzzle and I’ve tried many pieces with no success. We both made decisions, I did the work, and she kept me accountable. Easy, yet I could not have done it without her.”


“Heather is a tremendous asset to my life. Not only does she provide ongoing support, she also helps me brainstorm how to actually carry through with my ideas. When I first started coaching sessions with her I knew my life would change, yet I had no idea that I would reach such levels of organization and inspiration.”



“My coaching journey with Heather Hayward has been a soulful experience. I have learned to deal with any emotional situation and most of all, to manifest the life I always dreamed of.”


“I needed a coach who understood writers, but got much more. Since I’ve been working with Heather, my writing and focus has improved, but that’s only the beginning. Heather doesn’t let you stop at your intial goals. She helps you develop an overall life plan. I’ve already recommended Heather to all my writer friends and co-workers. I feel comfortable knowing that Heather is worth every penny! There isn’t a #1 benefit to going to Heather — it’s an overall benefit. Since working with her, I’ve never had so many areas of my life be under control and on track. I’m writing, exercising more than I have in five years and I’ve improved my employment situation. I’ve also discovered a number of possibilities to generate extra income that I didn’t even think I was capable of four months ago. Heather is a miracle worker! Coaching works for me because I need set goals to achieve, and I need to be accountable to somebody for those goals. I have ADD and I need to be kept on track. Heather keeps me focused better than my Adderall ever did.”


“Before coaching, I was constantly paranoid and anxious of just about everything, but all this changed once Heather gave me the tools needed to overcome these fears. The most important tool she gave me is to use my own personal experience as a reference to get rid of my fears. Now after coaching, I have not had to deal with the constant fears because I have these personal tools that I never knew I had until my coaching with Heather.”


“I was referred to Heather Hayward from a dear friend of mine in Los Angeles a year prior to when I actually contacted her around March 2005, boy do I wish I had sooner! Working with Heather was phenomenal in that with her ‘simple’ coaching techniques, she immediately helped me ‘unplug’ a negative thought process that was blocking my peace and success internally, as well as with other areas of my life. I had tried cognizant therapy, self help books, 12 step programs, self affirmations; all but short of medication to quiet my very loud mind. In as short as four months, I had been able to implement these new techniques and have been lead on a personal journey that by far exceeded my expectations! Heather helped me organize and utilize all of the information and knowledge that I had in a constructive, organized, gentle way. I have even implemented this information in my recreational pool sport and am getting ready for a big Nationals tournament in Kentucky. Heather, I am so GRATEFUL – thanks for helping me find and thus radiate light!”


“Within eight weeks of working with Heather, I began to regain clarity in my life, balance, self value, love and respect, inner strength and direction of purpose. She has an uncanny ability to pin point and reflect back to me what was there within me, be it ugly or beautiful. Heather’s humor and down-to-earth personality is refreshing and is what puts me at ease. More so than anything, I value the ability to completely trust her to come into my shadow world, dance with me and bring light to it all.”


“I can honestly say that working with Heather Hayward has saved my life. Heather is honest, direct, funny, compassionate and amazingly right on target. It’s like she could see into my heart and helped me find my way back to my authentic self. With Heather’s help I found the courage to admit to myself what I really wanted and to follow through to make my dreams come true.”


“Behind every great athlete is a great coach and if life is the big game and you want to win, then only Heather will do.”


“The time she spent with me has made such a difference in my entire outlook and comfort level. I use her recordings almost everyday.”


“I have a secret known only to my close friends and family. I am not what I seem. The world sees me as a funny dynamic business woman capable and creative. The truth is that I suffer from panic attacks. I loathe taking business trips. I try whenever possible to get out of going. This spring I was staying with a friend at a hotel in a two bedroom suite. At about one o’clock in the morning my friend found me crouched in a chair pretending to read. Actually I was in the midst of a full blown panic attack – convinced that the room had not enough oxygen and I was in danger of suffocating. My friend said ‘I have the perfect solution.’ She went off to her room and returned with her iPod and put the earphones in my ears and told me to relax and listen. I thought a few dark thoughts about her lack of sensitivity. I remember a voice talking gently and the next thing I remember I woke feeling wonderful the ear phones still in my ears. This was my introduction to Heather Hayward’s CD’s. Heather Hayward is not my coach but luckily for me my friend is coached by Heather. I am now able to travel – iPod at the ready. Thank you Heather!”


“I called you recently to ask for some new tools in my toolbox… to handle work stress better, to get new ideas to handle a few particular situations, etc. Heather, you give that to me. It doesn’t take long to talk it out and listen to your suggestions and direction. I really appreciate what you do for me! You are my personal hardware store! I know that sounds kind of corny, but that’s the easiest way I can explain it. Thank you!”


“It is with great and eternal gratitude that I whole-heartedly recommend Heather Hayward. After suffering several years of excruciating stagnation, in my first session under Heather’s wise and wonderful expertise I was immediately relieved of counter-productive guilt and shame, and empowered to quickly and easily finish what I had not been able to even begin. I now enjoy the process of creating my life, knowing who I am, what I really want and why. Today, I own a successful business, make more money in a day than I did in a week, work my own hours and truly and deeply experience joy in my life in every way. Today, I look forward to a fantastic future all thanks to Heather.”



What is Immersive Meditation?

Immersive Meditation is an outcome-oriented form of guided meditation, created by Heather Hayward, designed to spark insights & catalyze creating thinking. The goal of Immersive Meditation is to facilitate moments of deep contemplation - leading to realizations that create lasting transformational change.


Gain Unwavering Clarity & Uncover Your True Path

Through Immersive Meditation, you’ll be guided into a state of deep introspection beyond the limitations of your current habits, patterns and beliefs. This will allow you unearth your core values and passions, so you can align your goals with your innermost desires.


Dissolve Subconscious Resistance & Cultivate Confidence

Creating Subconscious Synergy™ is a pivotal component of Immersive Meditation that harmonizes subconscious beliefs with conscious goals. This alignment is crucial for overcoming decision paralysis and setting a course for success that feels authentic and compelling.


Become an Empowered Decision-Maker in Your Life

By reconnecting with your inner wisdom, you’ll be able to make authentic, value-aligned decisions, fostering a life of genuine fulfillment. Also as part of this process you'll identify and transform negative self-talk into empowering narratives, fostering a positive self-view.


Create an Action Plan You Can be Excited About

Within 90 days, you’ll emerge with a crystal-clear, personalized action plan, pivoting from confusion to a well-defined trajectory toward your dreams and aspirations. You'll address the root of procrastination by confronting and overcoming the fears that lead to avoidance behaviors. And as you Craft Your Future Self™, you'll be infused with authentic motivation to cultivate a proactive approach to your tasks.


Drive Lasting Impact & Serve at the Highest Level

Immersive Meditation™ cultivates self-generated realizations, leading to profound and enduring change, ensuring that the clarity and direction you receive is not fleeting but foundational to continual growth, leading to your ability to step into your full contribution.

"Immersive Meditation is not just a tool but a catalyst for enduring change, propelling you towards a future where your outer life harmonizes with your deepest sense of self.

This is why we created The Wellspring, so people like you could step out of the daily grind and step into a sanctuary that honors authenticity, meaning and joy. See you on the inside!"

- Heather Hayward

Here's Everything You'll Receive Every Month:

Here's What You'll Get Every Month:


The Wellspring

An Invitation to A Life With An Enriched Spiritual Dimension

  1. LIVE Bi-Monthly Immersive Meditation Experiences with Heather on Saturday Mornings

  2. LIVE “Tea Time” Social Events to Connect & Share w/ Like-Hearted People

  3. LIVE 22 Minute Collective Sit to Meditate, Contemplate and Integrate w/ Rodney Smith

  4. LIVE Meditative Journaling Sessions for deep reflection with Heather Hayward as Your Guide

  1. LIVE Creative Synergy Circles to Verbalize, Vitalize, Visualize Your Aspirations Into Reality

  2. “Theme of the Week” to Explore Your Inner World Through Curated Content & Introspective Prompts

  3. Private Community Forum for Fostering Life-long Connections

Plus these special BONUSES,
(Founding Members ONLY):

  1. BONUS #1: Year of Meditations: Weekly Immersive Meditations Delivered to Your Inbox to Develop & Elevate Your Practice Everyday

  2. BONUS #2: Crafting Your Vision: 1-Day Workshop to Get Clarity On Your Path For The Next 90 Days

Total Monthly Value:


Regular Monthly Price:


Founding 333 Member's

Special Monthly Price Just...


***For Only The First 333 Members***


"What we all need to do is find the wellspring that keeps us going, that gives us the strength and patience to keep up this struggle for a long time."

- Winona LaDuke

Frequently Asked Questions

"I've tried meditation and self-help methods before. How is Immersive Meditation different?"

Heather Hayward's unique Immersive Meditation approach blends meditation's introspective power with coaching's targeted inquiry and hypnotherapy's access to the subconscious. This method bypasses the conscious mind's resistance, allowing for profound self-discovery and lasting change.

"I'm new to meditation. Will I still find value in joining The Wellspring?"

Absolutely! The Wellspring caters to all levels of meditation experience. Our guided sessions and supportive community offer a nurturing environment for everyone to learn and grow at their own pace. You'll find value, whether you're a seasoned meditator or just beginning your journey.

"How much time do I need to dedicate to The Wellspring activities?"

The Wellspring is designed to fit into your life, not the other way around. While we offer a full schedule of live sessions and activities, participation is flexible. Many members find significant insights and transformations with just a few hours a week. It's about quality, not quantity.

"Can I participate from anywhere in the world?"

Yes! The Wellspring is an online community, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Our global membership enriches our community with diverse perspectives, making your experience even more valuable.

"What if I can't attend the live sessions?"

No worries! Most live sessions are recorded and made available to members, ensuring you never miss out on the experiences and insights shared during our gatherings.

"What if I want to cancel my membership?"

You can easily cancel your membership on your profile page. No need to email anyone. Just click a couple buttons & you'll be able to self-cancel at any time.

"What is the refund policy?"

Because there are no long-term commitments or contracts, all payments are non-refundable. However, we've made it easy to self-cancel your membership at any time right inside your profile, no questions asked.

"How do I know if The Wellspring is right for me?"

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Inspiring Stories from Crafting Your Vision:

A 1-Day BONUS Workshop to Get Clarity On Your Path For The Next 90 Days

(INCLUDED in Your Membership as a Founding Member)

James Hayes

Crafting Your Vision

"One of the best things about this workshop is how it helped me develop my own practice...

Prior to the program I was not a daily meditator. I simply didn’t have the time to do 20+ minute meditations every day. But what I found is that I very easily could do 5 -10 minutes, and that is more than enough to develop consistency in your own practice.

This program also keeps you focused on your goal by guiding you to intentionally check in with your vision 2 times a day with a low time demand. Sometimes (for me at least), while building our dreams we lose ourselves in the “and what else” and we lose sight of our primary goal(s).

With Craft your vision, every day, you are coming right back to your focus.

Every day, in a way that really integrates into your day. I also believe the best programs teach you how to move forward without the training wheels.

Craft your vision developed the skills for me to bring this application back to any goal I have. With intentional focus, you will gain clarity. You will gain traction. And you will find yourself living in your vision."

Jen Liesener

Crafting Your Vision

"This process was immersive and provided a multifaceted approach to goal setting...

It was able to help me be realistic about my time and narrow down my focus to what was most important and why, which strengthened my commitment.

It also helped me to get really honest with myself about my patterns - what had gotten in the way of success in the past - and pre-plan for it.

By the end of the program, I was equipped with a clear focus and the tools I needed to accomplish my goals."

Personal letter from

Heather Hayward...

Dear fellow meditator,

I'm truly honored that you're considering embarking on this transformative journey with us. Whether you're driven by a deep passion for guiding others towards inner peace or you're looking to enhance your existing coaching toolkit, you're in the right place.

Over the years, I've been privileged to guide countless individuals into profound states of meditation, helping them connect deeply with their inner selves. Over two decades I trained and became certified in over 17 different modalities, including Hypnotherapy, NLP, HeartMath, Guided Imagery & Visualization and Results Coaching, to name just a few. This journey led me to create the Immersive Meditation Method, a unique approach that doesn't just guide but immerses individuals into a transformative experience. It's not just about meditating; it's about facilitating change, growth, and profound self-awareness.

Recognizing the immense potential of this method and the difference it can make in people's lives, I founded the Immersive Leadership Academy with my son Hunter. While our teachings are accessible globally through our online platform, we also cherish the moments we get to interact with our students during our live sessions. Our academy is more than just a training ground; it's a community of like-minded souls dedicated to making a difference.

I invite you to explore the proven Immersive Leadership Academy pathway to becoming a prosperous meditation coach. And if you find yourself with questions or need guidance in making a decision, please reach out to our dedicated team.

I genuinely hope our paths cross person to person, and together, we can further the mission of bringing Immersive Meditation to the world.



Heather Hayward


Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Earning your certification is a monumental achievement, but it's merely the starting point, especially if you're stepping into the transformative realm of Immersive Meditation Coaching.

“What can I do with Immersive Meditation?”

Immersive Meditation is a comprehensive system for profound client transformations in a variety of settings. Great for one-on-one coaching or therapy sessions, it also scales beautifully for groups, workshops, and retreats. Instead of piecing together techniques, this method offers a holistic approach, ensuring deeper connections and transformative outcomes. It's not just a tool—it's a complete blueprint for facilitating lasting change in diverse settings.

"How is Immersive Meditation different or more effective than other modalities like hypnotherapy, reiki, energy work, or traditional coaching?"

Immersive Meditation is a revolutionary approach that combines the best elements of strategic coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, guided imagery, and more. Unlike other modalities, it addresses both the conscious and subconscious roadblocks to change, ensuring deeper, more lasting transformation. It's not just about guiding someone; it's about catalyzing profound change.

"I have no prior experience in coaching or therapy. Can I really master this method and make it a career?"

Our program is designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals. With our step-by-step training, you'll master the art of Immersive Meditation. Many of our students, from various backgrounds, have successfully transitioned into this fulfilling career, proving that passion and commitment are more crucial than prior experience. Our whole team is dedicated to ensuring you create a thriving business doing what you feel called to do. 

"I'm already busy. How much time will I need to dedicate to learn and implement Immersive Meditation?"

We understand that time is precious. Our program is structured to provide maximum value in the shortest time possible. While mastering any skill requires dedication, our method is streamlined and efficient, ensuring you get the most out of every minute you invest. That being said, you have life-time access to the material and you can study at your own pace. We’re with you every step of the way.

"The program sounds great, but can I afford it? What if I invest and don't see a return?"

Think of this not as a cost, but as an investment in a transformative skill that can yield a life-changing income. With our guidance, many of our students have quickly recouped their investment and more. If you have financial questions, one of our highly trained enrollment advisors will be happy to assist you. Our goal is for you to make a life-changing income helping people with Immersive Coaching.

"There are already so many coaches and therapists out there. Is there really a demand for this?"

While there are many coaches and therapists, few possess the unique skills of Immersive Meditation. This method sets you apart, allowing you to tap into a niche that's in high demand. Your services won't just be another option; they'll be a sought-after solution.

"I'm not tech-savvy. Will I be able to handle the online aspects of the business, like running ads or setting up a website?"

We've got you covered! Our program includes comprehensive training on all the tech aspects you'll need. Plus, we offer pre-built marketing tools and resources. Even if you're not tech-savvy, our team is here to guide you on every platform.

"Who are Heather and Hunter? Can I trust their expertise and the effectiveness of their method?"

Heather and Hunter bring decades of combined experience. Heather, with over 40 years in the field, has transformed her practice using Immersive Meditation, and together they've helped hundreds achieve similar success. Their track record speaks volumes about their expertise and the effectiveness of their method. Your success and confidence as a facilitator is their number one priority.

"I'm not sure if I'm the right fit for this. What if I'm not 'empathic' enough or don't have the right personality for this kind of work?"

Immersive Meditation is about guiding individuals to their own inner truths. It doesn't require you to fit a mold; it requires authenticity. If you have a genuine desire to help others, this method can amplify your impact, regardless of your personality type.

"What happens after I complete the program? Will I receive ongoing support or be left to figure things out on my own?"

Our commitment to you doesn't end when the program does. We provide ongoing support for two years, ensuring you're equipped to handle the evolving challenges of your practice. Our community of practitioners is also a valuable resource, offering peer support and opportunities for collaboration.

Hunter Varnum

Cofounder of The Guided Meditation Framework

“We’re not just teaching mediation… We’re teaching a complete system for working with clients in a way that fosters profound transformational outcomes.

Immersive Mediation Coaching is a methodology that sets the foundation for our students to thrive and prosper as entrepreneurial empaths.

In a world of incessant chaos and digital distraction, we need more empaths leading the way with mediation. 

Immersive meditation gives our coaches the ability to access the still small voice within their clients, and give them the clarity and courage to move forward with purpose. This creates a ripple effect that will change the world.”


The Immersive Meditation Advantage

An increasing number of people are seeking meditation as a path to discover inner peace and serenity. Immersive Meditation goes beyond, offering a distinct alternative to traditional dialogue-based coaching, counseling, or hypnotherapy.

How Is Immersive Meditation Different?

Immersive Meditation marks the evolution of coaching, diving deeper than traditional methods to catalyze transformation from the inside-out. While conventional therapies often graze the surface, Immersive Meditation delves into the subconscious, blending the potency of hypnotherapy with profound meditative states. 

This forward-focused modality not only empowers clients to source their own insights but seamlessly integrates with other therapeutic techniques, offering a versatile and transformative approach that stands unparalleled in its depth and efficacy.

Mastering Immersive Meditation unlocks your potential to profoundly impact lives, making a meaningful difference in the world while achieving financial freedom.

Diana Lang

Crafting Your Vision

"I received the confidence that I was desperately looking for...

With the clarity, support and guidance that was gifted to me through Crafting My Vision, I am now able to access parts of myself that I haven’t quite been able to embody up until this point.

I’m able to adjust into bigger parts of myself that I have only dreamed of before.

This program differs from other programs for me in the sense of the framework, structure, and what is expected of me all help me access a depth within myself for lasting changes.

I was reintroduced to my still small voice and am able to solidify that relationship more and more."

Mariela Torres

Crafting Your Vision

"I was able to get really quiet and clear on what I wanted to focus on for the next 3 months...

What I enjoyed most about this workshop is that it takes goal setting which can be overwhelming and breaks it down to goal setting for a specific set of time.

It’s not having to think about the entire year. I spent the entire day getting intentional, going within to find my answers, and emerging with a clear focus on what I wanted to accomplish on the next 3 months.

I was able to finally review for and pass my final health and wellness coaching certification exam. I did the morning and evening meditations, along with my index card to remain focused.

I believe the repetition of keeping my goals top of mind through the mini meditations and going back over my writing from the workshop helped me to stay on course.

I haven’t really done anything quite like this workshop in the past."

Jennifer Sack

Crafting Your Vision

"I enjoyed every bit of the Crafting Your Vision workshop!

The clarity I gained via thorough contemplation and discovery of my habits, desires and values allowed me to zero in and plan an invigorating & focused path forward.

I am no stranger to goal setting, but this added so much intentional energy & alignment by diving deeper into my truest motivations and revealing the ‘why’…why is this important?

The connection to my ‘why’ empowered my whole vision."

"I did Crafting Your Vision in July during one day. I was able to get crystal clear on what I wanted to accomplish in the following 90 days, things that were important to me but also in alignment with my bigger vision, while filtering out what wasn't a priority.

Additionally, I developed a clear roadmap regarding the commitment to follow through with the actions to achieve the goals I set for myself.

Crafting Your Vision gave me a deeper and more meaningful level of clarity and the necessary tools that made all the difference in staying on course during the 90 days and achieve what I planned."

Pamela Biasca Losada

Crafting Your Vision

"Creating Your Vision gave me a powerful creative tool for exploring and defining the goals that truly matter to me.

It helped me get clear on the steps I need to take to make things happen and achieve. Other goal-setting programs made me feel overwhelmed, leading me to abandon my dreams in half-used journals."

Heather Walsh

Crafting Your Vision

"Crafting Your Vision was a unique process that really helped me distill down to its essence what I love and am passionate about doing. It gave me a clarity of focus and a clear path forward to taking action steps for the next 90 days.

What was also extremely valuable was to have an awareness of what stands in my way and to know what to do when I default to getting distracted or procrastinate.

This program is essential for anyone who wants to become unstuck and move forward toward actualizing their dreams. When I look back at my notes having done this almost 10 months ago I see that all the groundwork I laid doing this program has now come into full fruition."

Lisa Cary

Crafting Your Vision

This experience made me realize ever more what I needed to heal/let go of. I started last Thanksgiving with a blow to who I am as a person from my mother and I knew my life had to change. In order to change some guided healing. I have been on a Gut Health journey including doing Body Code and other holistic forms of healing my mind for 6 years now.

I still hit ups and downs from how my mind has been programmed for years. I started Somatic Trauma healing and that’s when your program came to me. I felt and still feel this is what I am supposed to do which is comforting feeling.

Doing the Crafting Your Vision made me realize that I was still stuck in the emotions of my past and to be able to focus I needed to work on severing the ties to the toxic people and do some healing. Its been quite the journey.

This helped me navigate my current business into sustainable success with likeminded employees, which I am truly thankful for. I am more present in moments and a better communicator which has helped my relationships. I plan on doing Crafting Your Vision again around Christmas time.

I know my vision will be open to the GMF journey now! Things I have done similar to the program are reading Joe Dispenza’s books and using his meditations to let go and change the way my mind works. I am a person who needs the guidance and the background noise for focus in my meditations so I enjoyed his meditations. They guided me to the love of my life and the fun historical restaurant I own. I also got a Manifestation Coach March of 2023. She led me to finding GMF! Her guide to understanding how our mind is programmed from childhood was very helpful.

In the Crafting, I love in the beginning how we are guided to brain dump in order to find what is most important to us. When asked in normal circumstances it is hard to get the mind to stop jumping from thing to thing. I learned a lot about myself and self-sabotaging behaviors in the Crafting Your Vision.

I still refer to my notes in order to remind myself on things I need to navigate daily. A big one is my reaction to certain people or moments and my tendency to self medicate. I feel like the Crafting Your Vision is very helpful and fulfilling.

The most beneficial thing that I learned is being able to trust and recognize my intuition more clearly. In doing so I was able to navigate letting go of the toxic people and stepping into the roll I needed in order to find success in the restaurant. I definitely had to take more time to process emotions and clear past around what came up with my limiting beliefs and behaviors. It’s now time to enjoy!

Brandon Borrowman

Crafting Your Vision

I am so happy to be able to share what Craft Your Vision did for me. There is probably not room enough to share everything. It is so amazing!

Through CYV, I was made more aware that I had everything within me, NOW, to move forward. I was truly able to understand the importance of doing something every single day in order to craft and execute my vision.

Because of this and many other gifts that CYV gave me, I was able to complete my vision, which was giving three group journey sessions on zoom within the next 90 days (this would have been completely out of my comfort zone in my past). I was able to complete one each month, and with that, I saw what I was truly capable of.

My confidence has continued to blossom since then. I have been involved in self growth, achievement, and goal oriented programs for many years. This is so different in its execution in the way it is presented to us, and the tools and guidance it gives.

It was my DIVINE guidance … that is within me that was showing me the way, not my ego that was filtered with fears, doubts, and expectations from myself and others. It gave me a clear path to the goals that were hiding inside me.

Judy Jellison

Crafting Your Vision

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